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In the 1980s, when the first wireless telephones hit the market, one of the first obstacles they met was the fact that, when people sought a mobile connection, they often did so indoors. The issue was that the macro cellular network—the wide area coverage provided by linked cell towers—had trouble penetrating walls and windows. As soon as the first cell phones dropped a call in a sunny, glass-walled lobby, the seeds of the first in-building wireless (IBW) solutions were planted.

In-building solutions usually are built by using a DAS or Distributed Antenna System in order to bring coverage and/or capacity to different types of venues such as hotels, subways, airports, hospitals, businesses, roadway tunnels, among others.

TCC offers everything you need to develop your in-building solution with Commscope´s family of in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), mounting hardware and accessories that enhance wireless coverage. Designed for simple installation and minimal visual impact.

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